Even with minimal investment, you can tap into the substantial growth potential and reap the significant appreciation benefits of Bitcoin.
Capitalize on Bitcoin's dynamic market, securing profits regardless of its fluctuating trends.
Boosting your ability to hold Bitcoin for the long term, maximizing potential gains.
Strategically navigate Bitcoin's price volatility, eliminating the need for constant buy-sell transactions and fund reallocations.

The Ecosystem

The TBTC Ecosystem is a diverse blockchain network built around the TBT token. It features multiple components working synergistically to establish a strong and flexible environment for value investments.

Protocol Fund

The TBTC ecosystem's core manages and allocates funds using smart contracts, ensuring transparent and efficient fund utilization for ecosystem development and expansion.

Bitcoin Mining

Focused on Bitcoin mining, this component utilizes advanced mining technology and equipment to provide foundational Bitcoin resources and network security for the ecosystem.

Payment Platform

Offers a payment solution based on TBTC, enabling users to conveniently use cryptocurrencies in daily transactions and mainstream payment applications.

Value Investment

Concentrates on long-term investments, exploring and investing in potential blockchain projects and companies to achieve capital appreciation.

Digital Consumption

Aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into daily consumption activities, such as online shopping and digital services, promoting the widespread use of digital currencies.

Bitcoin Inscription

Involves combining Bitcoin with digital identity and asset proof, using blockchain technology to provide users with unique digital inscription services.


Focuses on developing the next-gen internet, with an emphasis on decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts, and distributed storage for a more secure and private online experience.

2023 Q3

Develop Trust BTC, a Bitcoin trust-based smart protocol. Build TBTC DApp, a decentralized application.

2023 Q4

Construct the foundational structure of the DApp. Launch smart contracts on the testnet. Deploy the TBTC Bitcoin trust smart protocol. Initiate a beta version to collect all predictable outcome data. Officially launch the TBT token on-chain.

2024 Q1

Enter the public testing phase for the TBTC Bitcoin trust smart protocol and DApp. Begin public testing of the TBTC cloud mining machine. Create and inject TBT tokens into a decentralized liquidity pool.

2024 Q2

Enter the public testing phase for the TBTC Bitcoin trust smart protocol and DApp. Begin public testing of the TBTC cloud mining machine. Create and inject TBT tokens into a decentralized liquidity pool.

2025 Q2

Trial operation of TBTC NFT inscription-linked games. Develop a metaverse aggregator, integrating multiple blockchain games into a gaming hub. Combine all TBTC ecosystems to enter Web3, promoting the circulation and application value of TBT.

2025 Q1

Support the addition of liquidity pools to multiple decentralized exchanges. Support multiple public blockchains. Enable cross-chain transactions.

2024 Q4

Trial operation of TBTC NFT inscription functionality. Bitcoin reserve value reaches over 10 million USD.

2024 Q3

Operate autonomously as a fully decentralized DAO. 70% of TBT tokens enter market circulation. TBTC enters a flywheel mode. Bitcoin reserve value reaches over 4 million USD.

The TBTC protocol is a trust protocol driven by Bitcoin (BTC), based on a decentralized open exchange-traded fund. As a trust protocol, users pledge stablecoins and TBT tokens into a fund pool account in exchange for corresponding contribution value computing power. The pooled funds are then used to purchase Bitcoin as a reserve through a smart contract protocol, based on a triggered proportion value. Users can earn daily returns from their contribution value computing power, with higher returns for larger pledged computing power.
DAO CommunityCommunity IncentivesCommunity Expansion
Mining InvestmentStrategic PartnershipsValue Investment
Bitcoin ReservesDaily RewardsLong-Term Investment
TBT LP IncrementPancakeSwap TradingTBT Price

Funding Pool Layer

Funding Pool Layer Contracts pool funds and manage distribution automatically based on proportion values.

Computing Power Layer

Contracts allocate computing power based on the total amount pledged by users and in accordance with the current network-wide value.

Profit Layer

Contracts divide the profits from the reserve pool based on the total value of each user’s individual computing power.

TBT token is the primary medium of value circulation on the TBTC digital cryptocurrency payment platform, offering users convenience in various ecosystem scenarios such as transaction fee deductions, application consumption, and wealth appreciation. Employing a deflationary model, TBT tokens are destroyed during transactions, thereby reducing the total supply.

Now, integrated with the TBTC smart trust protocol, users can participate in obtaining corresponding computing power output, further expanding the liquidity pool of decentralized exchanges and accelerating the buyback and destruction process. This approach significantly enhances the rapid deflation and value appreciation of TBT tokens. The ultimate goal is to reduce the TBT supply to 100,000 tokens, aiming to create substantial value growth for users and investors.

10,000,000 TBT


Protocol: 7,500,000 (75%)

Reserve: 200,000 (2%)

Private Investment: 500,000 (5%)

Marketing: 800,000 (8%)

Development Reserve: 700,000 (7%)

Liquidity: 300,000 (3%)

Protocol Smart Contract Distribution

50% Token Liquidity Pool35% Insurance & Reserve8% DAO Community Incentives7% Ecology Development